Oh hey there, Sleepless in Seattle house

There’s a tour that goes around Lake Union called the Sunday Ice Cream Cruise, which goes out for about 45 minutes around the lake in the middle of the city and goes over a bunch of fun local history. Oh, and they have ice cream and chocolate root beer floats.

We hitched a ride aboard the noon trip today — in fact, we were the only ones on the tour. The weather wasn’t too fantastic (it wouldn’t be very Seattle without a little spritz here and there, right?) but the ride itself was a blast and the crew was very friendly. They let us hang out in the cockpit once the rain and wind started to pick up.

You may remember that Tom Hanks’ character in Sleepless in Seattle lived with his son aboard a floating home in the city, and it turns out that home isn’t just a set — it’s still hanging around Lake Union.

If you squint, you can make out the ghost of Tom Hanks.

There are actually a ton of floating homes on the lake, which aren’t really floating but are anchored to the lake floor and have plumbing and all that stuff. They’re incredibly expensive and limited, fetching upwards of $2 million by our captain’s estimate. One day? Maybe?

We also saw Warren Buffet’s yacht hanging out at the dock. No sign of Buffet though, although perhaps if we can corner him at a Starbucks one day we can convince him to let us borrow it.